Tire disposal

As a certified waste management and disposal company, we develop tailor-made disposal concepts and ensure that your old tires are disposed of correctly.

Our most important task is to dispose of your old tires in a legally compliant and environmentally sound manner, irrespective of the condition of the tires or their quantity. We can provide reliable disposal services for old tires anywhere in Germany.   

- Comprehensive range of waste disposal services -
We are devoted to providing top service. We demonstrate this by collecting your waste on time and by providing comprehensive verification of disposal and recycling. You can also choose from a variety of collection variants:

Reifenentsorgung Altreifenentsorgung

  • Provision of containers or swap bodies
  • Direct loading
  • Loading via crane truck
  • Collection of small quantities using small trucks
  • Self-delivery

How can we help you?

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Based on the information you provide, we will calculate the price for disposal of your old tires and send you a customized quotation as soon as possible.

- Many types of waste – one contact person -
Alongside old tire disposal management, we offer other services as well that can be of benefit to you:

We offer these additional services to all customers who commission our company to dispose of their old tires. So put your trust in us! Our trained team will be happy to help!