Disposal of miscellaneous waste from industry or car repair shops

Used oil, oil-contaminated equipment, brake fluid and coolant, paints, varnishes and thinners, wood, foil, paper, mixed industrial waste, styrofoam, metallic waste and much, much more….

In view of the abundance of waste as well as the many guidelines, regulations and laws relating to waste disposal and transport, garages, tire dealerships and industrial companies are not always able to keep sufficiently abreast of this sensitive subject. The fact that this legislation is revised at regular intervals makes it all the more difficult to do so.

In general, many different disposal companies are used. Every supplier specializes in a particular type of waste.

This means, among other things, that you receive an array of invoices, delivery and acceptance notes relating to waste disposal. These must be checked for plausibility and the notes properly recorded. 
This usually takes a lot of time, which is why it would be a good idea to work together with one provider who can offer one-stop disposal of all materials.

Your benefits:

  • one contact person
  • one invoice
  • one complete documentation

In addition to traditional tire disposal, REG can offer you a complete waste disposal service. As a certified waste management and disposal company, we guarantee that your waste is disposed of – in every respect – in a legally compliant and eco-friendly manner. Our customers are industrial and production companies, garages, car dealerships and tire retailers in Germany and Austria.

 - Many types of waste...one contact person -
In cooperation with reputable partners, REG has developed a transregional disposal service that enables it to offer the entire spectrum of disposal services. We guarantee punctual pick-up of your waste and professional processing by specialist disposal companies. We make sure that the proper, legally compliant waste disposal verification will be provided. The customers enjoy all of these benefits with just one contact person – one coordination center. By bundling quantities of waste appropriately, we can also offer a fair price.

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So get in touch! 
We will develop a personal, tailor-made concept for disposal of your waste.

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