Disposal of rubber waste

Within this business segment, we offer our industrial customers services for the disposal and recycling of vulcanized and unvulcanized rubber waste with and without extraneous material..

Entsorgung Gummi-abfälleHere, we distinguish between:

  • mixed rubber waste (vulcanized/unvulcanized)  
  • shredded waste rubber
  • conveyor belts of all types
  • hoses (vulcanized/unvulcanized)  
  • butyl tubes
  • door sealing
  • transmission belts

We guarantee that all rubber waste is disposed of in accordance with the applicable statutory requirements as well as our customers' specifications.

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As our slogan says: "We offer complete, one-stop disposal services!" Of course, you can also contact us if you have other waste you want to get rid of.

For example:
Tire disposal
Disposal of miscellaneous waste
Marketing and sale of rubber-specific raw materials